We had the best time shooting with Laura.  She is truly a genius at getting the little ones captured in the most beautiful shots.  There are so many amazing pics.  Thank you so much!



People drift in and out of our lives, sometimes we chose it and sometimes its out of our control. It is the energy that they leave us with that makes an impression. Laura and I were reunited after many years and we found we had grown into kindred spirits. So, when I thought about who could capture my family in a way that my son could look back to and simply feel the connection that his father shared with us individually and as a unit, Laura was the person. It is her outlook on life that allows her to see something through the camera’s lens that is more than a composition. Her work is magical, emotional and spiritual. Thank you Laura, for capturing an energy in your work that reminds us that recording life isn’t as important as living and loving. My memories of the day you shot my family are beautiful and these images are more precious than you will ever know.



Looking at Laura’s photographs might give you an immediate sense of the profound skill she brings to the work. This is a woman who will literally bend over backwards (or lay on the floor, climb a ladder, or do whatever it takes) to get the best visual shot that she can. Her extraordinary eyes conceptualize of locations and poses that bring your story to life in ways you never imagined. And her vision captures the real essence of whatever she focuses her camera on.
But for me the magic she brings goes way behond the beautiful final product.  Personally, I hate being in pictures. I feel shy, I feel anxious and I loathe the moments preceding a photo shoot.  This was not my first time at the rodeo so I can compare firsthand that a shoot with Laura is qualitatively different. She made me laugh, she made me breathe, and next thing you know I felt more comfortable in my skin. I was so relaxed I was even posing! Laura made the experience from first camera click to the final product so uplifting and joyful that I can’t wait to do my next shoot with her. I can’t recommend her enough.



I have hired Laura as my photographer for various corporate events as well as for personal sessions, such as my engagement photos.   I cannot rave about her enough. She not only has an incredible gift for what she does, she is also the most enjoyable person to work with. I was extremely nervous about taking my engagement photos, as I wanted them to be unique and to capture the relaxed and fun energy between me and my future husband, and also, as a woman I just really wanted them to make me feel beautiful.  Well, she nailed it!!!  I was so relaxed and had so much fun during the shoot, thanks to her down to earth and calming personality that puts everyone around her at ease.  I just knew the photos were going to be great even before I saw them.   And boy were they great.  I now have enlarged canvases of her gorgeous work displayed all over our home, which has become somewhat of a Laura Coppelman Photography gallery, which I couldn’t be more proud to host. I looked at a lot of photographers’ work before my wedding and what stood out to me about Laura’s over all the rest was that I really connected to all of her photographs as if they were of people I knew, even when they weren’t.  Her photos make everyone look gorgeous on the outside while magnificently capturing their beauty within.  That is a rare and special gift.  Then add to it a unique artistic setting that all combined, make for the most beautiful and special photos you will ever take in your lifetime.


I had the pleasure of working with Laura Coppelman Photography this fall during my family’s photo session. She was extremely easy to work with and was always prompt to answer my questions as we were setting the date and location for the shoot. She even gave me recommendations for clothing choices and colors. I was very nervous about my 11 year old twin boys’ moods and willingness to cooperate when we got to the shoot venue. I shouldn’t have worried! Laura started talking to them and making them comfortable. Honestly, I don’t think they even remembered there was a camera! She was so good with them and had them laughing throughout the session. And, because I am probably crazy, I added our huge 9 month old Labrador Retriever puppy to the mix! Laura managed to get some beautiful shots with our family pet, too. It was truly a wonderful experience to work with Laura and we have several amazing photos because of her. I can’t wait to book another session with Laura!


Can’t say enough good things about Laura, her talent and her work ethic. She has been photographing our family for years. I always look forward to our holiday shoots. Sometimes it’s the only good picture we get all year. Wish she could just follow me around all the time!


This lady can rock a Canon. For real. Every time she has done photos for our family, I am floored at the beautiful moments that she is able to capture. And the fact that she is gorgeous and fun to work with only makes it that much better!


I worked one time, by fluke, with Laura and she was so GREAT with my kids, she made my daughter comfortable and completeley got her out of her shell, to the point that she didn’t want to stop posing…ha! The shots came out great and I was so pleased! She left a great impression on me and is definitley on my list of recommendations! Thanks Laura for the AWESOME job.


Not only is Laura gorgeous and a model herself but she is an amazing person to work with… in front and behind the camera. Another reason why her work is so flawless because she sees both sides of the lens. I always feel so honored to work with her and she makes me beautiful! Thank you Laura I wish you all the best with your future endeavors!


Amazing photographer!!! I’m so happy with the pictures of Layla, I know she will have a successful season thanks to you!!!


30 degree weather, cranky kiddos, a Momma that would rather be behind a camera than in front of one and a Dad that would’ve rather been sleeping that early in the day … and Laura made magic with it all. Would hire her a thousand times again. Excellent, excellent, excellent.


I am so thankful for your time with us. You captured this season of life so well for my little family! I will cherish these photos forever!!!!


Laura is extremely talented and an absolute pleasure to work with. She made the entire experience so fantastic, from the photo shoot, to the finished product. Her work is both versatile and high quality. I can’t wait to work with her again (and again)!


Laura’s talent is indescribable! She photographed my boys last summer. I was beyond impressed with her ability to capture their personalities. They loved her and we will cherish her photos always.


My husband and I have had the pleasure of being photographed by Laura several times, most recently with her talented husband, Ben, at our wedding and for our engagement photos. Every time we’ve worked with them, the photos have been stunning. We love the photos. Our friends and family love them. Other photographers we know love them too. There were a few things that particularly impressed me about our wedding photos (aside from the gorgeous results) – the first is that, other than when we were doing portraits, I hardly noticed their presence at the wedding – I have no idea how they got such great shots without us feeling like they were in our faces, but they did. The second thing is that our family portraits turned out gorgeous. The reason that was a surprise is that we flew through them and I remember thinking we’d be lucky if we had one or two with everyone smiling, looking at the camera – but that was okay with me at the time as I was ready to get to the party. What we ended up with, though, was shot after shot of really great family photos. Laura has also done some beautiful professional headshots for my husband. We had a difficult time choosing which photos to go with as there were so many fantastic options! I have recommended her to tons of friends and will definitely be using her again myself in the future!


From the beginning Laura was exceptional and made every effort to ensure our session preferences. Her congenial personality turned “picture taking” into “playtime” for our five year old son and inspired a serene atmosphere for everyone! Our gallery was posted in a timely fashion and Laura went out if her way several times to make for a good experience. The final photographs speak for themselves, they are breathtaking! Laura has an extraordinary ability to capture love and beauty in its purest form. We highly recommend her as well as look forward to a future session!


We booked Laura Coppelman for a couples shoot. Not only did she not disappoint – she hit it out of the ballpark! For starters, Laura is a consummate professional. As soon as the shoot was scheduled, she discussed shoot locations with us, and helped us define our creative vision. During the shoot, Laura’s innate creativity and amazing eye led her to incorporate a passing skateboarder and a grizzled old man into our pictures. Many photographers would shy away from doing so – but not Laura. She is a truly gifted visual storyteller. Laura’s mode of shooting is relaxed, friendly, and fun. How she coaxed those shots out of two very camera shy people, I will never know. The pictures speak for themselves – my husband and I are over the moon about them! We are so happy to have captured this very special milestone in our lives – our 5th year of marriage. We highly recommend Laura’s services to anyone who is in need of a photographer.


August 31, 2012 will forever be etched into our hearts because it was the day Andrew and I elevated our relationship from boyfriend and girlfriend to future Mr. & Mrs. Knowing that this was a moment we’d want to remember forever, Andrew hired Laura to secretly photograph our engagement. The results were magnificent. Our family and friends cannot stop raving about the photographs, saying that they feel as if they were right there with us. Laura perfectly captured the raw emotion, intimacy and magnitude of the moment. Although we only worked with Laura for 30 minutes, she managed to capture a lifetime worth of love.

Love, Staci & Andrew


Laura is not only a gifted photographer, she is also a pleasure to work with and she has a real passion for the people she photographs. She has her own enchanting esthetic and always captures a little piece of the model soul. Looking at her pictures will make you happy or charmed, probably both.


I highly recommend Laura for anything involved with photography. She has taken my daughters photos since she was a year old. She is wonderful with children and has a real gift for capturing the essence of her subjects.